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State Rail Plan Public Engagement Survey

Welcome to our initial Public Engagement Survey! The Minnesota State Rail Plan update project is the process MnDOT will use to craft an overall vision for the state’s freight and passenger rail network and facilitate its future development. To accomplish this, we will analyze critical elements of the freight and passenger rail system that influence transportation access and economic development across the state. The updated plan will inventory the existing rail system by assembling data from project research and a broad based public engagement effort. The project will evaluate the strengths and opportunities presented by the system, identify priority rail corridors for passenger and freight movements, and examine the programs and projects necessary to improve or expand passenger and freight travel in and out of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation would like your input, Please take 3-5 minutes to provide feedback and help us improve railroads in Minnesota.

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The first couple questions will help us understand the reach of the survey to participants across the State of Minnesota. An asterisk (*) is denoted on questions that are required for you to answer.