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    The Minnesota SHSP

    • Sets statewide direction to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries for all roadway users
    • Recognizes that a single crash can have multiple contributing factors
    • Promotes partnerships to positively impact safety
    • Is informed by data and input from traffic safety professionals and advocates from many disciplines
    • Is required by federal law and updated every five years

    How the SHSP impacts your community

    The SHSP sets the overall direction for future safety strategies and investments on Minnesota roadways to work toward zero deaths on Minnesota roads.

    What's different about the 2025-2029 SHSP

    • Incorporates a multi-faceted approach involving multiple agencies
    • Elevates equity and the needs of vulnerable populations
    • Embraces positive social norming and behavior change
    • Includes customized reports for regions around the state

    Who is involved

    • Minnesota Department of Transportation
    • Minnesota Department of Public Safety
    • Minnesota Department of Health
    • All County, regional, tribal, and local government agencies
    • Minnesota‚Äôs Advisory Council on Traffic Safety
    • Minnesota Toward Zero Deaths (TZD)
    • You