2022 Summary of Community Feedback

Thank you to those who gave feedback and helped us learn more in 2022.

We asked community members about their experiences on Hwy 52 from Hader to Zumbrota. The team visited township boards, the Goodhue County Fair, and hosted a public meeting. We know that it can be hard to meet in-person and made options available on-line. The local paper, social media and other means were used to ask people to take part.

Through your feedback, we’ve identified four key takeaways:

Improve safety

  • People shared how hard it is to cross the highway and would like to see better crossings
  • Some would like acceleration/deceleration lanes to enter and exit the highway
Manage access and congestion
  • A few indicated a desire or need for frontage roads, especially as access points are removed
  • “It will grow up” – referring to previous long-range planning activities, existing conditions near St. Paul south to Coates and Oronoco to Rochester, and recent improvements.
Agricultural needs
  • Others also acknowledged while Hwy 52 is important, it is a divider. Some of the solutions are not simple, quick or even affordable to those who have to work on/around it.
  • We felt this statement represented the challenge expressed by many well. “Ideally, we want to stay ‘country’. However, progress continues and is driven by the big population centers on the ends (Twin Cities and Rochester). But our businesses and homes are split by that road; and you don’t just buy another farm- too much money."
Vision for the future
  • People mentioned Hwy 52 as a freeway in the future
  • Several said continued growth in the Cannon Falls to Zumbrota area should remain a focus
  • Some visioned better access for farmers

Goodhue County Fair, Aug. 13, 2022

Hwy 52 social media ad
Public Meeting at Zumbrota VFW, Sept. 13, 2022
Public Meeting at Zumbrota VFW, Sept. 13, 2022

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